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Kenya Tourism Act On Homestays

27 November 2017 0 comments

Under the Kenya tourism act ,there exists the criterion for homestays to exist and what the host families can do to qualify. We have 3 types of home stays categories:

  • Community homestays.
  • Farm-stays.
  • Modern urban private homes.

Homes are graded for homestays in reference to the below qualities;

  • Location and how accessible your house is.
  • Safety and security.
  • Hygiene and sanitation.
  • Premises quality in regards to amenities that you can offer the tourists.
  • General services.

Some of the qualities that make one legible for homestays under the Kenyan law include:

  • People or individual who have passed the inspection can be should provide 1 room or a maximum of 6 rooms to host the tourists.
  • The one who wants to house them will be given a license and allowed to register only if he/she is physically staying there with the family.
  • At least one person the household should be able to speak the foreigners’ language and especially English.
  • Immediately you apply for homestays licensing your home should be ready for inspection by the government.
  • Licenses are valid for a period of 1 year and upon 3 months to expiry one should start reapplying for renewal.
  • All applications for the home-stay permit should be completed and the fees paid.
  • The licensed home-stay household standards should be maintained because the government officials reserve the right to pop in any time for an inspection without prior notice.
  • The officials can place your home in a lower or higher category from the one you applied in. They reserve that right.
  • Helps the host families to earn a few extra coins from the tourists It is easier to get the government to help you with facilitation of loans to help in improvement of your home.
  • One gets to use the official government tourism brand and websites for marketing. - Fourways Villa Book Now