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Benefits of Staying in a Homestay

10 November 2017 0 comments

Personal Attention

Many homestay families are well adjusted to the hosting experienced. Unlike alternative accommodation styles, homestays offer a high degree of personalized attention and interaction between the host and guest.

Local Knowledge

Nobody knows a country like locals. For an authentic representation of how life is lived in any country, homestays are unrivaled. Locals are able to provide insight into tourist activities, local customs, and cultural nuances.

Home Cooking

Restaurants are available to anyone; home cooked meals are confined to homes. Local home cooking is a gateway into authentic cuisine. This can drastically differ from the styles offered at the local restaurants. Some homestays even invite guests into their kitchen to watch the food being prepared.


Homestays are typically cheaper than hotels.The main point is that a homestay’s offer is fundamentally different than a hotel’s. Hotels provide a means of experiencing traditional comforts and amenities no matter where you are. Homestays, however, provide authentic living conditions of the destination regardless of the accustomed comforts and amenities of the guest.


Rarely do you get a chance to connect with local people the way you do during a homestay. The relationship is one of mutual respect and admiration and often grows into a friendship.

Benefits to the homestay owners

The owners are able to earn some extra income. The owners with time develop long lasting friendships with their host as well as learn from the hosts about where they come from.

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